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What should I look for when trying to retain a criminal defense attorney?

What should I look for when trying to retain a criminal defense attorney?
I am looking for a lawyer to represent my mentally ill adult brother on a drug charge. I have no idea what I should be asking the attorneys I call (other than their fees) since I never dreamed I would need an criminal attorney. Can anyone advise, please?

Thank you.

By SmartyArty -07-13 13:33:24

Best Answer: There’s a good guide here:

and another here:

Also, ask around. Word of mouth is often a great way to find out who did a good job and who didn’t make an effort.

Good luck to you.
By PooPooLaTrash

What is the best way to become a Criminal Defense Attorney?

What is the best way to become a Criminal Defense Attorney?
I know you can get into law school regardless of what your major is in college, but what do you think is the best way to become a Criminal Defense Attorney is? If there are any out there, can you please explain to me how you did it. Also, what are some skills you must have to do this job? Thanks.

By 0000000000 -07-06 01:45:31


Charis P: Most entry level jobs in criminal defense are in the public sector with the state and municipal public defenders offices and legal aid offices. Aside from top grades from a top law school which are a plus for any entry level lawyer job, evidence of dedication to public service is helpful. That means you will probably have to close doors to certain private sector jobs like an associate position in a mid-sized or big law firm since you will be doing summer clinical externships offered by public sector employers like the AG’s office or legal defense and education funds instead of a summer associateship.

You can also take legal clinics during the regular school year for class credit as they generally service people who cannot otherwise afford legal representation. That can be a good place to pick up practical skills and network with other attorneys in public interest law. If you do enough hours in clinics and externships you will be given an Archibald Murray public service award when you graduate from law school which will help.

It also helps if you you have a good relationship with your clinic professors as many of them have connections with public sector employers including the public defenders office and legal aid.

You really have to have a thick skin, be a self motivated, and independent minded to do well in these positions. They are not for the meek or faint of heart. Other than those personality traits you need the same skills as any litigator, strong writing and oral argument skills and a strong knowledge of procedural rules, rules of evidence and of course criminal law.

What are ALL of the degrees needed to be a Prosecutor? Needed to be a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

What does this mean when it comes to booking charges? Sex offender?

What does this mean when it comes to booking charges? Sex offender?

what does that mean he did? i use to work with this guy and recently found out he was a level 3 sex offender, all i’ve found out about level three sex offenders is that they are high risk and it involves more then one victim usually. anyone have any other information?

By Kelly -01-13 04:51:50

Best Answer: booking is not charging.
Charging comes later. What you have at booking is what the guy was arrested for.
booking information gives the elements of the crime.
In most places where the system is computerized the arresting officer types in the number of the law and the computer generates the elements of the crime for a description.

In this case he was arrested for a sex related solicitation of a child, the child was not a prostitute (what the definition of a child is changes by state, some 13, some under 13 some 16 and under).
The case is a felony and the “crim agnst admin just” or crime against administration of justice is likely a technical term having to do with that state’s penal code name. The rest is that he resides in Minnesota and ( again likely) has no permission to have his residence in that state (he did not regiater which he has to do if he is already convicted of a sex offense).

Sound like a preferential predator. He likes kids (not co workers unless you are a single mom with a kid) and somehow contacted a kid (now a days likely on the internet but lots of other ways) and arranged to meet for sex with the kid.
By Les S

How is unintentionally touching a woman in a subway a sex crime?

How is unintentionally touching a woman in a subway a sex crime?
I have seen videos on you tube where they say this is a sex crime now but how is this when the subways during rush hour are jam packed to where you cannot help to touch the person in front of you, do you think this is bull$hit?

By Big Knuckles -08-10 05:59:17


chanmo: women…..what do u expect?

HM 10: Only a crime if intentional to a personal area, not a crime if unintended or just to assist or because your quashed together

War Hero: Is that true? It would have to be on breast or ass then, because there’s no way for just accidentally touching her back or leg.

Tokyo E: It isn’t a crime.

It isn’t a crime to touch someone by accident/unintentionally.

It is a crime to touch someone not by accident/ inappropriately/intentionally.

There’s a major difference between the two.

Alex: not if you say sorry

R G: you try your best not to – This happens all over the world

Rachel: no it’s because girls in Japan are always getting “accidently” touched on their ass or legs so they are probably just cracking down in this to stop this.

threedaypriest: There’s a difference between touching and groping. There’s a difference between an ‘accidental’ and ‘intentional’ touch. The law addresses the latter of the two. Keep your hands on the straps above your head and don’t move your groin around excessively. You’ll be okay.

Pretzzell Liliputt: I agree with the above answer :)

What are ALL of the degrees needed to be a Prosecutor? Needed to be a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

What are ALL of the degrees needed to be a Prosecutor? Needed to be a Criminal Defense Lawyer?
What are ALL of the degrees needed to become a Prosecutor? To become a Criminal Defense Attorney? The classes needed to be taken? I need all of the information.

By Allie -02-07 19:31:35


Chris: Get a bachelors degree in undergrad college, Apply to a law school, take the LSAT (law school admission test), get in law school, do 3 years of law school and get your J.D law degree, take the bar in whatever state you want to practice law, then you will become an license attorney

Sherry: You only need a law degree which should enable you to pass the Bar exam and be a licensed attorney. This means you need to understand all the laws, such as business contracts, real estate etc. There is no specific degree for criminal law. After you can apply for a position as a Assistant DA or with a criminal defense law firm. There you would learn hands on criminal law practice. The point is after a law degree, you would have covered all the legal courses needed. So it would be pointless for a Lawyer to get a Criminal Justice Degree after being a lawyer already.

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When You Want To Know It-All About Dealing With Lawyers, Read This

Do you need a good lawyer for the situation? Are you seeking home elevators finding just the right lawyer for you? Read on for many helpful suggestions on locating the best illustration.

Make sure to ask for your attorneys history prior to hiring them. The very fact that legal counsel is practicing is not any indication that he or she’s successful or competent. Be sure to understand his or her background so you have confidence in their capabilities.

Employ legal counsel referral service. This kind of service can find a lawyer for you. Verify the requirements for almost any service you choose to use to find a lawyer; some providers have very comprehensive listings. Favorable lawyers are listed by other services utilizing the state bar’s guidelines for liability insurance. Find out what their requirements are before utilizing a referral service for this essential decision.

Talk to your lawyer regularly to have the within scoop on what’s going on. Make certain the lawyer receives anything essential to help them succeed, if deadlines are imminent. It could only assist you in the conclusion.

Attorneys cannot get every case. Generally, legal counsel who claims he’ll win your case, without a doubt, is a liar. So, steer clear of that lawyer. If your lawyer says he’s always a success, you can be pretty sure he’s a liar.

It’s very important to you to have a good relationship together with your lawyer. You’re unlikely to ever have a good attorney/client relationship, regardless of the lawyer’s credentials, if you’re uncomfortable together with your attorney initially. Look for a lawyer you get along with well so things go smoothly.

You should hire legal counsel when possible, if someone accuses you of committing a critical crime. Never try and do anything all on your own as you may find yourself breaking what the law states. Lawyers have the mandatory expertise to take care of any problem that could arise.

You must avoid them, if there is legal counsel who is aggressively seeking your company. Generally, these are scams that may economically hurt you. Invest some time exploring attorneys and get the best one you are able to.

Attorneys that specialize in their fields are not inexpensive, however they might help you save plenty of pain in the long run. If you get a good lawyer and they win, you can save plenty of money.

Each and every time you speak to your lawyer, write detailed notes. Be sure to are the date, time, and general minutes of the meeting. Especially take note of any expenses paid, or other billing problems. If any problems occur later, you’ll have an easier time managing them.

When you have a good lawyer in your corner, you feel much better. Having read these records, you will have an easier time of finding a great lawyer. Make an effort to compare different alternatives and do more research on attorneys before you receive started.

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