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How do lawyers (specifically Criminal Defense Attorneys) use computers in their career field?

How do lawyers (specifically Criminal Defense Attorneys) use computers in their career field?
I am a Freshman in college, and I’m going to college to eventually become a Criminal Defense Attorney. In my Computers class, we have to give a presentation on how computers are used in our career field. I’m hoping some people, or even true lawyers, could give me some advice. Thanks!
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mailaccount63: #1 use: word processing
#2 use: research

Choosing a career is one of life’s most important decisions. If you possibly can, change your major asap.

The legal profession is dramatically changing and is in CRISIS!!! Every year, more and more people graduate from law school, but there are fewer and fewer jobs. Even the largest and most reputable law firms are experiencing unprecedented cutbacks. I don’t expect the situation to improve in the coming years…..

Be aware of what you are proposing on getting yourself into. Please do more research first. Reminder: We are in a World-wide Recession. Consider career paths that have available JOBS.<<<<<

Warning> Jobs in the field of Law are drying up fast!! This is just not a good field to invest time and/or money into. This is a SHRINKING, crumbling, and dying vocational field. Many reasons. We now have computers. So, many people today (mistakenly) think they can do their own legal work, thanks to the Internet. Also, there are a lot of companies out there making very efficient legal software for the field of Law. Today’s graduating lawyers tend to be very computer savvy, so they just do the work themselves to save themselves the cost of overhead. Also, the “Public” buys this legal software in order to get legal work done without the cost of an Attorney. Also, we simply already have way too many Legal Professionals – we have an absolute glut!! (“Legal Professionals” includes, but is not limited to: Attorneys/Lawyers, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc)

Sites like have taken away work that many small-time attorneys/lawyers would do.

The field of Law has a mystique that actually exceeds reality. The field of Law is an overrated career – mostly by television. There are many myths regarding the field of Law: working as a Lawyer is mentally challenging (Actually, most work as an attorney involves routine paperwork: research, cite checking, drafting documents, and document review. Attorneys need to write down and track every activity they do, all day long [in 6 to 15 minutes increments, depending on the billing system] – a painstaking but necessary task), being an attorney is thrilling, high-powered, and glamorous (remember: television is fiction – the fictional lawyers on TV are ACTORS – the majority of work that an attorney does, does not happen in a courtroom), law students think that because they are good at arguing they will become great attorneys (actually being a great attorney is more in one’s ability to mediate between differing sides and bringing them to agreement), as a lawyer I can correct injustices (actually legal decisions are more about reaching compromises than about right vs. wrong), guaranteed financial success (actually when salaries are compared, you also need to account for cost-of living expenses [most large law firms are in large cities – the bigger the city, the more cost-of-living expenses will be], payment of debts accrued while attending law school, and time needed to build a client base. Many large law firms require lawyers to work 60-80 hours per week.).

Cost of law school to be lawyer, approx $150,000+.
Be prepared to take on a LOT of debt.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

There are no jobs in this vocational field. My family, coworkers, friends, acqaintances, etc. have been laid off left and right in this vocational field.

Employers (usually law firms) in the field of Law today want employees with degrees from traditional colleges/universities. Those "certificates" you see advertised aren't worth the paper they are printed on - they are generally scams. (I found this out the hard way.) Also, the law school's program needs to be accredited by the American Bar Association - if it isn't, you are just wasting your time/money.

Even if you finish law school, you won't be able to find a job when you are done. Since this vocational field is shrinking, many new attorneys/lawyers are, themselves, having to work "down" as Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Bailiffs, Court Reporters, etc, etc, to simply try to keep some of their bills paid <

Now... the law schools know this, but they won't tell you the truth >that the job market/economy is just SATURATED with way too many Legal Professionals. Instead the schools will feed you a fairytale and will LIE to you. The root of the problem is we have too many law schools. We are in a recession, and the schools are fighting for their own survival – they will tell students anything to get to the students’ money. (Which is why they won’t tell you the truth about the job market for the field of Law.) And these schools continue to recruit and churn out even more graduates………….Remember: law schools are BUSINESSES – their top concern is making money for themselves.

>>>>>THE MOST IMPORTANT THING (and I can’t stress this enough): You ESPECIALLY have to beware of the bogus, inflated law school salary/job stats given out by law schools!!!*****<<<<<

If you don't believe me, then just do a SEARCH here on Yahoo Answers to see what other posters are saying about the current status of the field of Law. Call some local law firms - ask to speak to the Manager of Human Resources - ask them if they are hiring; ask them what they think about job availability in the field of Law..................

In the book "So You Want to be a Lawyer?" by Marianne Calabrese and Susanne Calabrese (ISBN 0-88391-136-1): "The United States has more lawyers than any other country in the world. About 38,000 students graduate >each year< from the 200+ law schools in the United States. The competition is very keen for jobs and clients." - Even Associate Justice Antonin Scalia (who served on the U.S. Supreme Court for more than 20 years) says there are too many lawyers. (9/14/2008)

Check out these websites:
(A link to a website does not constitute endorsement.)

If you want a job when you are done with your studies, consider and look into the fields of: >>>Healthcare, Information Technology, Law ENFORCEMENT, environmentalism, emergency planning, accounting, education, entertainment, utilities, home-car-commercial-industrial repairs, vice industries, clergy, and/or debt collection. I spoke to a career counselor from Jobs and Family Services, and HE told me that these areas are where the jobs are, and future job opportunities/availability….and scholarships.

Good luck.

(This is based on my current knowledge, information, belief, and life experiences. This was intended as personal opinion, and not intended to be used as legal advice. Please be careful and do your research.)

Leah: Thats a loaded question. Lawyers use computers all the time for research, to communicate, to track cases and data. Also they use computers to have their own website to promote their firm. I’ll add an example link below.

If a witness has died before speaking in court, but has told a lawyer, can the lawyer take the stand?

If a witness has died before speaking in court, but has told a lawyer, can the lawyer take the stand?
I’m researching the concept of hearsay.
The scenario I’m stumped on is this:
A witness of a violent crime gives his account to a lawyer, but dies shortly before giving the account under oath in court. Could the lawyer then testify with what he was told, or would that evidence be inadmissible?
If the evidence would be admissible, can you think of a similar situation in which hearsay would make it inadmissible?

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livin life: pOSSIBLY, IT DEPENDS ON THE STATE…most states dont go by hearsay, I know Wyoming does.
Usually the lawyer would have had the witness fill out a form and sign it.

Charles C: That would be hearsay. If a judge allowed it I would expect an appeal no matter what the outcome of the case was.

Sharan D: Typically an attorney will take a deposition from a witness. Depositions are acceptable in court.. but if the witness casually spoke to the attorney with no record, it can be deemed as hearsay and inadmissable. Study your state laws on this

Mr Placid: It will almost always be inadmissible. Of course, a lot depends on the contents of the statement, the purposes for which the statement is offered, etc. But, if the witness’ statement is intended to be introduced to prove a material element of the crime charged, and the statement was not subject to prior cross-examination, then the statement will nearly always be inadmissible.

See, even if the evidence rules of the particular state would allow the statement into evidence as a hearsay exception, it will almost always still be inadmissible per the Confrontation Clause of the 6th Amendment.

About the only time it would be admissible notwithstanding the 6th Amendment would be if the statement meets the requirements of a “dying declaration.”

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Does anyone know anything about Post Relief Conviction? How long does it take?

Does anyone know anything about Post Relief Conviction? How long does it take?
My friend’s son is fixing to apply for it and I know very little about it. I thought someone on here might know. Thanks.

By I don’t know -06-17 00:54:38


sitcpsitcb: Do you mean post conviction relief?

Assuming you do, that’s a general category of actions. How long it might take depends on what steps, exactly, he is planning on taking. The procedures also vary from state to state.

Jury Refuses to Convict Anyone for Marijuana Possession!

Jury Refuses to Convict Anyone for Marijuana Possession!


What percentage of non- violent drug offenders in prison were dealers?

What percentage of non- violent drug offenders in prison were dealers?
I was having an argument about legalizing marijuana. I’m for it, but the comment of “Most drug offenders are dealers.” came up, and I was wondering if it was true.

By bill -10-27 23:47:32

Best Answer: I agree with Zach. More room needs to be made for real criminals. A lot of people will say only drug dealers go to prison. Not users. That is false. I have worked as a defense attorney for a year prior to becoming a civil rights lawyer. The problem with drugs is this. The drug user knows the dealer. The dealer is low level streets. Not worth much to the system. So when the user is arrested he doesn’t have much influence over the judge. So that user will most likely do his time. The dealer gets arrested. The dealer knows the supplier. Who in turn is worth a lot to police and judges. So in turn the dealer will narc out the supplier. So chances of the dealer even getting a prison sentence is slim to none. The supplier gets arrested and they usually have connections to the “King pin”. The king pin is worth more than anything to police and the system. So the chances of the supplier getting no prison in change for the king pin is pretty good. The main people in prison are people with drug problems. And then the king pins.
By Jimmy Whispers

Post-Conviction Relief in Municipal Court

Post-Conviction Relief in Municipal Court

The first several minutes of the Garden State CLE course, “Post-Conviction Relief in Municipal Court”. Go to and earn credits now for this…

Maximum Penalty for Misdemeanor Charge for Possession of Marijuana? Florida Attorney Explains

Maximum Penalty for Misdemeanor Charge for Possession of Marijuana? Florida Attorney Explains Florida criminal defense attorney Steve Kramer explains the consequences for marijuana possession. Very …

Are the things a defendent says on sentencing day used in an appeal?

Are the things a defendent says on sentencing day used in an appeal?
Lets say, someone just got senteced to life in prison and they were wronfully convicted. What if they start saying stuff like “My public defender didnt do his job!! He didnt bring out all the evidence? Im not light skinned or 160 pounds!!” etc etc all sorts of outbursts.

Would this stuff that was said on sentencing day be used in a criminal appeal?

Do you think it would have ANY impact on it?

By hello -09-12 04:49:58


Golden: appeals cases are more serious than regular court cases. why? an appeals judge, and the lawyers arguing the case have to be scholars. they have to know the law. their case has to be very strictly planned out. points of law, and order have to be addressed. and the whole case revolves around issues in the first trial. “was it okay to ask this?’ ‘was the witness bound by …(whatever),’ or ‘should the jury have been allowed to hear…’

the outbursts might be mentioned, but that’s not what an appeals trial is all about.

EL Pearl: well as they were told when they were arrested everything they says can be held against them though if they get a good lawyer that proves to a jury that they didn’t go get a tan or lose or gain 50 pounds. After all that is why they have the state and federal court of appeals. Though you are guilty until proven innocent you can go all the way to the supreme court with your appeals

Lawyer Selection: Tips You Have Got To See!

Do you really need legal counsel? Finding and hiring legal counsel may be frustrating and costly. Soon, you’ll have the data you need certainly to select the right attorney. Continue reading for invaluable methods as you are able to not afford to miss.

You should hire legal counsel when possible, if you are accused by someone of committing a significant crime. Be certain that you won’t ever try to handle the problem all on your own, as this really is very risky. A lawyer has the right experience to help you in your situation.

Only take care of lawyers that you trust. That is much more important if you’re coping with business problems. Many lawyers ask for clear checks or retainer fees. You basically are putting your financial future in the hands of the attorney. Keep yourself protected.

Never opt for the initial attorney when you need one you notice in the phone book. Do some background research and ask people you realize for recommendations. Don’t take just anyone’s word sometimes, do your own research so that you can choose with confidence.

Make use of the advice fond of you by your attorney, but remember that at the end of your day, they work with you. It’s ok to speak up, if you do not feel more comfortable with anything they tell you. An excellent lawyer should put your interests first, but recognize that your lawyer probably has many other circumstances as well as yours.

Any attorney which claims a gain must be put in the “No” number. There aren’t any guarantees when it arrive at the legal process. This really is something which should really be a red-flag for you personally.

Before choosing legal counsel, check for problems at the local bar association. Read into them, if they possess some and make your judgments on whether you need to hire them.

You need to supply your attorney with all the vital information that’s needed, if you’ve deadlines with regards to your event. This may create a positive difference in your case.

You should feel more comfortable with the lawyer you determine. An excellent lawyer is not only intelligent and well-versed, but he also makes them feel at ease and treats individuals with respect. If you don’t have legal counsel that is achieving this, you need to locate an unique one when possible.

It generally does not matter what type of event you’re involved in, you’ve the proper to wonderful legal representation in the best lawyer you can afford. Make use of the methods mentioned if you’d like to end up getting legal counsel you can trust. That you don’t need to make the wrong decision here.