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Memphis TN Violent Crime Attorney Shelby County Assault Lawyer Tennessee

Memphis TN Violent Crime Attorney Shelby County Assault Lawyer Tennessee 901-201-6747 At The Law Office of Massey McClusky in Memphis, TN we will aggressively fight for your rights if you have been c…

Are federal gun laws enforced by local or state law enforcers?

Are federal gun laws enforced by local or state law enforcers?
Say that someone was trying to hunt with a home-made short barreled rifle and was confronted by a local law enforcer, because the law that states that a rifle cannot be cut down past 16 in. Is federal, and is not in specifically illegal in this state, can the officer press charges for this federal crime? If so, does local law enforcement usually charge an individual for this?
I guess the easier question is, do state and/or local law enforcers enforce laws such as within the NFA?

By Zach -07-17 01:10:27


bcnu: States generally have no jurisdiction to enforce any federal laws unless the statute says otherwise (e.g., the federal TCPA gives states the power to sue violators). State legislators often, however, enact similar laws that can be enforced by state and local officials.

When federal agents murders people allegedly in possession of a sawed-off shotgun, they do not request permission of the local law enforcement agencies.

How closely does the TV show “The Good Wife” represent being a criminal defense attorney?

How closely does the TV show “The Good Wife” represent being a criminal defense attorney?
I’m interested in continuing into law school after I graduate and would like to know if what they show on The Good Wife is close to what it’s like to be a criminal defense attorney at a major city firm.

By Nick S -12-11 17:20:13


Sans Deity: Not at all. They never show the endless hours of tedious research that goes into being a lawyer, or the hours of waiting in court. They show all the glamorous aspects of it, but not the inane drudgery that makes up 90% of your time as a lawyer.

I’m not saying it can’t be a rewarding job, but go follow a real lawyer around for a few weeks and see what the job is REALLY like, not what’s on TV.

bcnu: Do they show how many years it takes to learn how to do even the most basic things perfectly every time for all circumstances to avoid being sued for malpractice? Do they show how many thousands of hours are spent on reading, researching and drafting even the most pointless of briefs?

Darwin: If you want to start to understand what it is really like to be a defense attorney, I suggest that you go to your local courthouse and watch some actual trials. Don’t base you choice of career on a TV show.

jordon: Personally i think the best law school is Harverd

Violation of Probation

Violation of Probation

Attorney Dedra Sibley, of law firm Allen & Arcadier of Melbourne, Florida, discusses criminal law issue: violation of probation. Attorney from law firm Allen…

Lawyer in Sacramento who represent those who have been violently victemized?

Lawyer in Sacramento who represent those who have been violently victemized?
Looking for lawyers in the Sacramento area who represent victims of violent crimes. Can you please help me?

By Mommy 2 Be -03-21 19:12:22


Stuart: California has a victims’ compensation fund. Talk to the district attorney’s office about getting an award from this fund.

– Stuart

laracmagpie: Generally, in criminal cases the victim is represented by a District Attorney or State Attorney and the defendant will hire a private attorney or have one assigned to them. This is not a plaintiff v. defendant situation. However, if you are suing someone you may be able to find a lawyer in one of these two lists:


laughter_every_day: Very few. None, actually. It seems that those who engage in violent crime rarely have any money and no insurance that will cover their liability. So, instead, those cases are handled in a criminal courtroom.

Frank T: please look up the telephone number either on line or in the phone book of the Cali Bar Association and ask for a few of the type of attorneys your looking for
they will help you in the process you need to find the right one

good luck

Better Responses to Youth Who Commit Status Offenses (Webinar)

Better Responses to Youth Who Commit Status Offenses (Webinar)

Want to do a better job of diverting youth who commit status offenses from the juvenile justice system? Gain firsthand knowledge from national and state expe…

What happens after being arrested for possession of marijuana?

What happens after being arrested for possession of marijuana?
My friend was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana (personal use amount) in Abington, PA which is a suburb near Philadelphia. He already was charged for a summary retail theft a few months ago, but his court date for that is not for another week. Basically he wants to know what happens next and if the prior retail theft arrest will mean any jail time for the possession charge?

By oho -07-08 22:01:08


Chelle’101: probably, it really depends. i know that things are more tighter in terms of crime on the east coast, i’m in maryland, and i know kids that got 1-4 weeks or months in jail for weed/marijuana. but then is he a minor? if not, he probably will, also considering the theft thing. he might get jail time for both

jaker: His lawyer will till him. No one here has a clue.

Liam Friar: well, my mate got arrested he got a £90 fine, all marijuana taken off him obviously, didnt have to go to court or anything like that, he just gets fined, and he is on the police records for possesion of illegal drugs, i dont think he will get any jail time, unlikely

drew: You can use youthfull offender or accelerated rehabilitation. If not, he’s going to court. There he may get community serivce hours, probation, a fine of up to $2000 (most likely $500), or possibly months in jail.

batel: Answere:

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How do you report a probation violation in another state?

How do you report a probation violation in another state?
I need to report a probation violation in the state of Ohio. I am in Arizona. Is there a specific number I can call? Any information would be helpful, thank you.

By Calixtis -11-07 03:42:47


ricimeadows: yes the number is 911…they will assist you!

shizzle: just call any police in the state of Ohio, give them the info you have, and they’ll take care of it.

The governor abdicated her responsibility to protect the human rights of every individual in Arizona?

The governor abdicated her responsibility to protect the human rights of every individual in Arizona?
John Morton, who heads U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says that they will not support racist Arizona Law
He needs to be doing exactly what he is doing; his job. He is there to enforce federal immigration law; not placate the Bull Connors of Arizona in their attempt to turn all undocumented aliens into criminals. They are not. It is not a federal crime to be here without authorization. Look it up. The wonderful people of Arizona enacted this law making it a STATE crime to be in Arizona in violation of the federal immigration laws. Let the good people or Arizona pay to arrest, detain, prosecute and house in state prisons these horrible people who simply entered our country. They have no right to dictate to the federal authorities how to enforce federal law. Hell, to anyone with any semblence of intelligence and understanding of Constutitional law, it is clear that the state has not authority under the Constitution to pass any laws that touch upon illegal immigration. It is impossible to round up all undocumented aliens and remove them to their country of origin. It would be a profound waste of resources, to. Why not have the police arrest people who commit crimes? If they happen to be here without authority, then they get deported. Chasing down the law abiding undocumented is diverting resources from the effort to stem the tide of drugs pouring into the country; drugs drawn here by the insatiable appetite of Americans. Every law abiding undocumented alien that is hunted down by the police in Arizona means that somewhere else in that state a criminal, native born or illegal, is still free.I find it shocking that many didn’t learn from the original flawed language law they supported that left egg on their faces when Arizona had to change the wording to try and make it legal after they passed it. It seems to me that everyone should think about it before they blindly support something they do not even know is legal…particularly because it impacts other Americans.
the fact is the arizona law is illegal and the federal government is not going to be a party to an illegal law. By picking up the illegals taken by the arizona law ..sounds good!
We all know we have a border problem so it takes no brains to recognise something must be done. Some want a solution and they don’t care if it is legal or not. The rest want a legal solution and are content to establish that it is legal before accepting a blue eye/green eye law that impacts other Americans. I am of the last group. No way I want to look as foolish as those who accepted Arizona’s first flawed law. I am content to wait until the courts make the call rather than look like a confident
There are hundred of stupid laws still on the books..
remeber this law In Arizona: It is illegal for men and women over the age of 18 to have less than one missing tooth visible when smiling
There was a day when the law did not allow women to vote, allowed one human being toown another and when United States citizens of Japanese descent were rounded up and placed ininternment camps and None of those laws were right.. There is a big difference between controlling the nation’s border and discriminating by skin color, and Arizona’s refusal to distinguish between the two undermines this nation’s constitutional commitment to fairness and equality. The measure Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law last week gives police in Arizona broad powers to stop and arrest anyone not carrying proof that they are legally in the United States. The law sanctions ethnic profiling, and it underscores the need for a reasonable national policy on immigration.
With nearly 500,000 undocumented immigrants, Arizona’s experience illustrates both a real problem and the wrong way to try to reverse the flood along the border. Federal policy should include effective border control and a reasonable path for illegal residents to gain legal residency.

A new report by the Census Bureau underscores how much foreign-born residents contribute to this nation. The number of foreign-born residents in the United States with doctoral degrees jumped by a third in the past five years. Immigrants now hold one of every four doctorates in the nation. A clear majority have become naturalized citizens, a turnaround from 2005. This nation continues to be the land of opportunity. Discriminatory responses like Arizona’s to a national problem cannot be allowed to whittle away those values.
The overwhelming majority of Mexicans and others who come here are not criminals. Most are just desperate for honest work
I’m in opposition to this law not because it is a violation of human and civil rights alone …It goes against all human dignity, against the principles of most Americans I know
The governor abdicated her responsibility to protect the human rights of every individual in Arizona…not just those who dont look like her
no matter what we do there will still be problems with illegal immigration, but there are ways to make the situation better and less dangerous, passing laws like Arizonas new law that make things more dangerous is not the answer to the problem.
Let’s think about it for a second. Being an illegal immigrant, as you so wisely pointed out, is a crime. If you reasonably suspect someone of being an illegal immigrant, you suspect them of a committing a crime and can stop them. We’re back to what constitutes reasonable suspicion, and we’re back to racial profiling
As opposed to removing every single illegal immigrant, which is completely unrealistic, why don’t we present a path to citizenship and focus on securing the borders
What is done to the weakest in our society ought to be a measure of that society.
These are measures of repression. These are wedge strategy tactics. Accept the mere notion that it might be reasonable for Somali refugees, or paedophiles, then the principle that the state hasn’t a grossly intrusive entitlement over us is surrendered.
We will end up as slaves. Meat robots if you like.

By Falmaata T -05-22 04:51:20


athorgarak: Wrong category
But I will answer anyway:
The Arizona law is nothing, repeate nothing more that reiterating federal law and reinforcing every law enforcement official’s duty to uphold Federal, state, county and city laws inside their jurisdiction.
Turn it into state law to violate a federal law
Oh my goodness.
It is a federal law that one sahll not attack a postal employee,while on duty
I bet you that it is also a state offense to attack a postal employee, Whether they are on duty or not!

You have no idea what you are talking about in this question!
Now let;s get to your incorrect statements:
The overwhelming majority of Mexicans and others who come here are not criminals. Most are just desperate for honest work
Not criminals, if they come illegally (you know what illegal is, don’t you?) then they are criminals.
Nost democrates want to say they are not criminals and they mean felons. They dishonestly say criminal, they viloate federal crinimal codes not civil codes, hence criminals!
Honest work?
With dishonest, false papers, and with identity theft?
Under-the-table pay
You call this honest?
These are also crimes.
Yes there HAVE been many foolish laws
So does that fact make ALL LAWS STUPID AND UN-NEEDED?
Buy the logic you use, by bringing up old laws should be uniformly and declare ALL laws wrong!

No! Criminal is not a racial group!

Will this law, on the southern border snare more hispanic illegals than, say asian?
YES, because the asian illegals come in through San Diego and Seattle, by and large
European illegals come in through the east coast more than other places

You should actually use your head before jumping on any bandwagon!

Evangelist Paul: Sounds more like a statement then a question.

Sadly you are wrong. The Governors job is to protect the American citizens in Arizona…not the illegal ones. Her job is to see to it that the people who break the law are punished. This would include illegals.

Mortans job is to prosecute and return illegal immigrants back to their home country and to establish procedure’s to aid the state in keeping them out.

The Governor is doing her job….Mortan is not.

Ftwasher: I dont think you have read it, I have
they are criminals as soon as they come here illeagally
It mimics the federal law already in place
and if you want to be mad at anyone be mad at the greedy people who come here just for money, and the people who hire them just to make more money, its all about greed

As Christians we would send train after train to Mexico full of food and aid if they asked

Its like someone saying look I have been stealing from your company for a long time, and now I depend on that money, so you need to make it part of my pay check

read the law before you talk about it

Lilith: OK< OK maybe I agree, but first show me your ID papers.

CHAEI: They are all screaming about this law. I don’t like it either but Mexico has the same law. In fact they have a more strict immigration law. And Americans have to make sure they have their paper work on them also. Az had this on the news they said that Mexico is the Pot calling the Kettle Black. If they are legal then they have nothing to worry about. I do understand why ppl are upset about the job situation, Where i work the owner put an ad in the paper lots of men came to get a job you could see that these men needed that job badly they left with hope and the owner hired an illegal. I felt really bad for these other men. Well he quit and she hired a local legal man. I do not want a debate over this. This is just what i have seen. I live in Az and have lost jobs because of illegals. My best friend is here illegally. So i don’t care that they are here but something has to be done.

Hugh: Cry me a river.
They are here ILLEGALLY. Look it up since most of the people who complain about the law seem to gloss that term over.
As this area has a high Hispanic population, which translates into higher than average Hispanic policemen numbers, will you still call it “racism” if one arrests the other? A man from Wales was recently deported from here (AZ) since he overstayed his visa. Is it racism if a non-white arrested him?
It seems as though you just want to do away with the borders. Lets just shuts done the checkpoints and let the flood continue! Pffft!
They ARE criminals once they set foot on US soil without permission. If it isn’t wrong, then why are they deported when caught?
BTW, ALL illegals KNOW before they get here they might get caught and sent back. They KNOW it is wrong, but still violate the sovereignty of the US.
The US is not a charity pinata that people can keep whacking on. They need to solve the problems in their own countrys. There are millions of US citizens that need help that don’t get it because they are poor yet illegals get a lot for FREE. It needs to stop!

jonpersonals1200: We do need to treat the Mexicans in the way of their country . Imprison them an throw them in a shit hole exactly like their country does.
Why cant the miserable people from all the 3rd worlds just improve own country? They say they Like to work. Example Australia started with a bunch of white crooks.

Matt: Great law and I SUPPORT ARIZONA’S STAND FOR THE RULE OF LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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