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Adjustments to Floridas Web Sex Crime Investigations

How has this affected law-enforcement? It’s meant that St Lucie County prosecutors and police detectives have had to absorb rapidly each new technical advance. Swift changes in new investigative methods and the maze of jurisdictional problems have meant that criminal-defense lawyers have needed to stay current with these changes too. Occasionally these jurisdictional points of law require federal charges. That means that you not only need a criminal lawyer who has extensive experience employed in St Lucie County criminal courts, but you will also need someone who has experience defending clients in federal courtrooms.

Taking into consideration the changes in the strategy which law-enforcement now uses to make arrests, if you’ve been charged with a sex offense under Florida State statute 847, Internet Pornography, you should understand what this demand is and its potential effects. There are many aspects of this statute. Based on the complexity of the Internet Sex Crime regulations, only a skilled Indian River County criminal attorney who has received success managing this kind of criminal defense is qualified to defend you in Court.

Los Angeles Domestic Violence Attorney – Criminal Defense Lawyer

Los Angeles Domestic Violence Attorney – Criminal Defense Lawyer Schwartz & Naderi is a team of Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys with over 80 years of combined experience …

What can happen to someone with probation violation?

What can happen to someone with probation violation?
My dad was served papers for probation violation. He failed to pay all fines and has failed to do his any of his community service. He has been in and out of trouble ever since I can remember. He also lied on his AA papers just signing anonomous names. He never atteneded one AA meeting. The court does not know that though. What can happen to him?

By Shannon H -01-26 05:20:52


wartz: He can go to jail

kaadish: Your father was given the opportunity to atone for his mistake by completing the terms of his probation. He has chosen not to take advantage of this opportunity and has done nothing. He will therefore very likely pay his debt to society by spending time in jail.
Since your dad obviously didn’t learn anything from this experience, the best thing you can do is learn in his stead. Don’t do anything that will get you into real trouble. And if you make a mistake, own up to and face the consequences.
I’m very sorry to hear about this. It’s sad that your father doesn’t see that this whole thing is hurting you.

jackson: They can add charges. They can just toss him into jail to serve whatever his original sentence might be. Possibly they might cut him a break and have him follow the terms of probation or else.

Not pay fines is one thing. To not do community service is another thing. But in combination it looks like he does not care what the court says. It’s kind of like you could have taken care of one of them.

The courts know all about people faking AA. Probation and the courts can check that out in a heartbeat.

His best bet is to fess up then things can go easier for him. If he lies…. they will smack him so hard his head will spin.

boisk2: worst case scenario, he can go to prison. However, in most states as in mine, there are community placement centers or pre-release centers that he can be placed in…these facilities allow a person to be in the community w/ more stringent supervision that will allow him to do his community service and pay his fines.

However, if he is forging his AA cards and not going to AA, this is an indication that he has a chemical dependency issue that should be taken quite seriously…this to me is a sign that he is still using. He could also be sent to treatment.

The goals of community corrections is not to send persons like your father to prison, unless necessary…the truth is that we want to rehabilitate him….he chooses his own path. Be supportive and beg him to ask for treatment. it sounds like he really needs it…

I wish you luck and I’m so sorry that this issue is bothering you so much that you need to post this question. God Bless.

How come the Constitutional lawyer and professor Obama is making unconstitutional appointments?

How come the Constitutional lawyer and professor Obama is making unconstitutional appointments?
Court: Obama appointments are unconstitutional

President Barack Obama violated the Constitution when he bypassed the Senate to fill vacancies on a labor relations panel, a federal appeals court panel ruled Friday.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said that Obama did not have the power to make three recess appointments last year to the National Labor Relations Board.

The unanimous decision is an embarrassing setback for the president, who made the appointments after Senate Republicans spent months blocking his choices for an agency they contended was biased in favor of unions.

But but but Obama is so intellectual and so highly educated that he taught Constitutional law, how in the world could he make this simpleton mistake?

By Black Bolshevik -01-25 21:54:37


Skittles: What ever happened to predictability?
The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV.

Everywhere you look , everywhere you go (there’s a heart).
There’s a heart
A hand to hold onto.

Everywhere you look , everywhere you go.
There’s a face
Of somebody who needs you.

Everywhere you look,
When you’re lost out there and you’re all alone,
A light is waiting to carry you home,
Everywhere you look.
Everywhere you look.

Jamie: because it comes down to obama is black and he does what he wants because he has the media backing him up

R T: Says a lot for what our kids are being taught in Universities . . . .

Philip: One court has made this ruling based on one appointment. Until the Supreme Court rules on this or a similar case, your comments are simply spiteful.

Di: Oh Obama enjoys the antagonism of his actions and generally laughs at the fallout because he believes he is smarter than everyone else.

So talking head Carney says that the administration doesn’t agree with the decision, which is arrogant and worse.

I guess we can look forward to another Obama rant about our Judiciary in his next SOTU.

¢σяя вℓιмєу: Because he’s a NON-AMERICAN pawn who is controlled by the capitalist elite aiming for a global dictatorship.

super g: He thinks he’s above it.

Greg W: Your question includes your answer.

You should trying reading some of the things you cut and paste.

Let me know when those three people resign their positions will you??

EDIT: Bwhahahahahahahaha!!

Ryde.On: 0bama has devoted his study of the constitution to finding loopholes and ways to circumvent it .

Jim: because he DID “go to college to get that stupid”!..Harvard Law School, to be exact!

How do I go about finding the “best” criminal defense attorney in my area (US)…?

How do I go about finding the “best” criminal defense attorney in my area (US)…?
If ever I should get into some sort of trouble and require the services of a criminal defense attorney, naturally I would want to retain the best one that is available in my region.

How should I go about finding who the best attorney for my needs (New Jersey)? Obviously, I cannot predict the nature of the criminal matter of which I might some day need help with, but would you kindly outline how to go about finding the most suitable attorney to obtain the best outcome for me?

Thank you for your help.

By Jack Rabbit Slim -11-07 22:19:53


JMortonEsq: Check your wallet. In the USA, you get as much justice as you can afford.

Daniel Escurel Occeno: GOOGLE or the Governor of New Jersey could suggest someone. He would make an excellent United States Attorney General.

Can you come back to the country after fleeing for a DUI charge?

Can you come back to the country after fleeing for a DUI charge?
If a person flees the country before trial of a second DUI charge to avoid home confinement, then they try to come back to a different state, would they be found? Even if they don’t have a social security number because they are foreign?

By lu -11-19 17:20:59


okiknowit: If you don’t have a social security number, the chances are that you will be entering on a foreign passport with a visa. They don’t issue visas to people with outstanding warrants. If you got the visa before the warrant was issued, there is a good chance you will be stopped at the border.

Frank: they would be arrested at the airport

James: Most certainly you can but not only will that charge still be there but additional charges will be added to that as well. Whenever you reenter the country after you leave you will be processed through customs and if you have a warrant for your arrest anywhere in the US and even some other countries like the UK and Canada the screen on the customs agent’s terminal will light up like a slot machine that just hit the jackpot. You will be taken to a holding cell and investigated to determine if you fled the country to avoid prosecution. That is a federal charge. If they are foreigners who have been in the US legally they will use their number assigned to them from immigration services.

I just finished my probation in Florida and I would like to get my record sealed. Can I do this on my own?

I just finished my probation in Florida and I would like to get my record sealed. Can I do this on my own?
I have 2 misdemeanors and one felony, drug charges. They are all related and basically one incident. I want to get my record sealed and was hoping I didn’t have to hire a lawyer. I know that I need to get the FDLE thing and then what do I do? Will probation mail me a letter saying that I am done with supervision? Or do I have to ask for this? If so who do I ask? Also, I have a charge that was no-billed, will this be part of the sealed thing? Or will this still appear on my record? Can someone who has actually done this in Florida, give me some guidance I am serious about this but not rich and would like to avoid paying a lawyer to do this if it is something I am capable of doing on my own. Thank you!

By michael t -09-19 13:23:35


fairly smart: Unless you are under 18, or maybe it is 16, as 18 year olds can be charged as adults, you can’t have your record sealed. You have to live with it. You should have thought of this earlier.

Tom’s World: Michael unless your a minor I don’t think it is going to happen. If you feel you do have a shot at it I understand it is only the judge/court that can get this done.

Jacob W: I am not familiar with Florida law but in most states only DP (disorderly person) or misdemeanor charges can be expunged (sealed). Felonies cannot. In some states, drug charges of any level cannot be expunged.

In most cases, only a single charge can be expunged and even then only after a considerable number of years has passed with no further criminal activity.

In most cases, a lawyer is required but you do not have to appear.


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