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How do I become a white collar criminal defense attorney?

How do I become a white collar criminal defense attorney?
I know I have to go to Law School which I am applying to this fall and pass the bar but what’s next? What do firms look for in a white collar criminal defense attorney? Do I have to work in some other law specialties before I go in to it?

By Lady J -06-21 02:17:02


Princess Leia: You can try to find a job in a law firm that specializes in white collar defense work, but it may be difficult. Most firms look at grades when looking for interns/law clerks who have completed their first year of law school.

You may have to clerk/intern at the public defender’s office – those are primarily “blue-collar” crimes, but you will get experience defending criminals, going to trial, etc. Things that will make you more marketable…

How long will a charge for possession of marijuana be on a 16 year old last?

How long will a charge for possession of marijuana be on a 16 year old last?
My 2 friends (both 16 years old) were recently pulled over and both charged for possession of marijuana, even though the driver admitted to it being his. Will that charge stay on their criminal records for life? Or is the slate wiped clean at age 18?

By joey -07-27 16:29:52


SallyMay: Well it is not on thier record untill they reach the age of eighteen. So good luck and have a blessed day. Smile

Crazycuddles: it will be on your record for the rest of your life

But you can get it expunge,,which means you have to get a lawyer,,it will be well worth it because when you go apply for a job, this will be on your record and you might not be able to get a job because of it..

Golden: not wiped clean; your juvenile records are sealed at eighteen.

Tom A: 18

ramandertaliseman: The “official records” in most places are sealed at 18.

Daina: they will be put on diversion (but if they were on diversion when they got caught then they will be put on probation) and that usually is about 30 hours of community service and like 6-9 months of diversion…

What Do Liberals Like Most About The Federal Reserve Bank?

What Do Liberals Like Most About The Federal Reserve Bank?
Liberal hero Woodrow Wilson gave us the Federal Reserve Bank, a secret and private central bank to create fiat money backed with nothing. He also gave us the IRS to collect interest payments for the FED.

Compared to the money the Founding Fathers intended, what about the FED appeals to liberals most?

By cargo pilot III Flyin’ Mayan -08-11 12:00:30


kril_420: My favorite thing about the Fed is the hilarious opinions of people who think that it’s unconstitutional or something.

Will: Well, I’m certainly NOT a liberal, but as a Political Economist with over 30 years experience I’d ask you, with what would you replace the Fed? And please do not say a “Gold Standard” as you will only reveal a monumental lack of understanding of basic economics.

High Priestess Shizuka: Not having to weigh my money at the check out stand. The ease with which I can buy things over the internet. Having my money be large enough to see with the naked eye.

In a world where maybe 10% of the money in the world is even backed by real green backs and is just a check or a computer entry WTF does the gold standard mean??

In the history of the world there have been two swimming pools of gold mined. one fifth of one of those pools is outside India. India acquired the rest in spice trades and it is stored in attics and woven into Saris. What does it mean when India suddenly owns 80% of the world’s wealth

Lastname Comma Firstname: LOL, Will is such a retard. “What would you replace it with?” When you put out a fire, or remove cancer from a body, what do you replace it with? Will doesn’t like to admit what is in our constitution, what is law and what is illegal, the fed, by its very nature is unconstitutional

destined: Liberals like getting something for nothing such as printing paper with no meaning. Wasteful and devalue are too words that come to mind.

Gandhi: I do not consider myself to be any ‘label’, whether that be a ‘Liberal’ or a ‘Conservative’ or any other label one might choose.

I also do not profess to be any kind of expert on Financial matters, however I do have a deep distrust of the Federal Reserve and pretty much all Central Banks.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the practise of Central Banking or the complicated methods employed by them in the regulation of our economies and the money supply.

Allow me to digress;

Nowadays, marriage is not very popular. Nonetheless, since the beginning of the last century a new phenomenon occurred in our western civilisation, namely an ‘indissoluble marriage’ between governments and Mammon. We will be celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of this ‘unholy union’ in two years time, in 2013.

Celebration or mourning day, ninety-one years of marriage is a lifetime indeed. A happy event is the twenty-five year silver anniversary; even happier the fifty years golden anniversary; happier still seventy-five diamond. Ninety eight years then is a diamond plus twenty three years on top, giving to the partners vintage and prestige – a real super-duper jewel.

Nobody can argue that this hasn’t been a smashing success for the establishment of course, in a society where divorce is so prevalent. Even ‘de facto’ couples rarely reach an average of fifteen or twenty years together.

Here we have, concealed from the public eye, governments and the central banking industry, which stipulated this unholy union, with the sole aim of empowering themselves, in particular through the creation of fiat money out of thin air.

Here is how fiat money is created:

“Under a fractional-reserve banking system, a bank can create new money merely by issuing a loan. The amount it creates is limited by the reserve ratio or “fraction” it is required to maintain to cover its cash-flow needs. If the reserve ratio is 10% then each $10 it lends includes $9 that never existed before. A commercial bank, therefore, can create a sizable amount of money merely by making loans. But, once the bank is “loaned up,” that is to say, once it has already loaned $9 for every $1 it holds in reserve, it must stop and wait for some of the old loans to be paid back before it can issue new ones. The only way to expand that process is to make the reserve larger. That can be accomplished in one of four ways:
(1) attract more deposits.
(2) use some of the bank’s profits.
(3) sell additional stock to investors, or…
(4) borrow from the Fed.

See G. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island, for further details:

International money managers may be citizens of a particular country but, to many of them, that is a meaningless accident of birth. They consider themselves to be citizens of the world first. They speak of affection for all mankind, but their highest loyalty is to themselves and their profession.

If the product of this “marriage” between government and the mammonites is more centralisation of power in fewer hands, is it not time to wake up and put a stop to it?

Two last thoughts:

A banker is someone who lends you an umbrella when the sun is shining, and who asks for it back when it starts to rain.

A Dutchman was explaining the red, white and blue Netherlands flag to an American. “Our flag is symbolic of our taxes. We get red when we talk about them, white when we get our tax bills, and blue after we pay them.” The American nodded. “It’s the same in the USA only we see stars too!”


Peace be upon you.

Cardozo Criminal Appeals Clinic

Cardozo Criminal Appeals Clinic

Cardozo Law scored two major victories in the New York State Court of Appeals in the fall of 2010.

Can I get my juvenile record sealed if adjudication was withheld?

Can I get my juvenile record sealed if adjudication was withheld?
When I was fifteen I was charged with a felony but adjudication was withheld. So the judge put me on probation and I completed everything. So I was wondering could I get my record sealed.

By rob -07-16 00:10:54


My Answers: It depends upon the jurisdiction. Juvenile records are only viewable by certain people such as law enforcement, social service agencies, and courts. The records are not automatically sealed. So, you would still need to see if you can get it sealed or expunged in some situations.

Juvenile Justice | What is a Status Offense?

Juvenile Justice | What is a Status Offense?

A status offense is an offense that would not be a crime if committed by an adult. The most common status offenses are truancy, curfew violations, or underag…

what is the normal time frame for a sex crime?

what is the normal time frame for a sex crime?
Hi I wanted to know what is the normal time frame if a adult is accused of having sex with a 17 yr old. IT’s been a few weeks and this person has not been questioned by cops or charged of anything but they did get a warrant to take computers and cell phones! Is this a normal thing. It’s been weeks and no questions of cops just taken of property is this legal?

By Tasha -04-23 01:37:27

Best Answer: How old is the person accused? If it is an 18 year old, nobody cares. In my state, nobody would care anyway, as 17 is legal.

Time frame depends on so many things that there is no easy answer. Caught in the act is one thing, accusing is another, and being able to *prove* anything is an entirely different matter. Anyone can claim anything. If that claim amounts to a crime, it is up to the police to investigate that crime. How much time and effort they put in to that investigation will depend on many factors, too many to try and list here. After the investigation, the county prosecuting attorney has to review the case and decide if there is sufficient evidence to proceed with a grand jury or arrant or however they do things in your neck of the woods. If the prosecutor says no, that’s the end of it.
By Caoedhen

What is the best way to become a Criminal Defense Attorney?

What is the best way to become a Criminal Defense Attorney?
I know you can get into law school regardless of what your major is in college, but what do you think is the best way to become a Criminal Defense Attorney is? If there are any out there, can you please explain to me how you did it. Also, what are some skills you must have to do this job? Thanks.

By 0000000000 -07-06 01:45:31


Charis P: Most entry level jobs in criminal defense are in the public sector with the state and municipal public defenders offices and legal aid offices. Aside from top grades from a top law school which are a plus for any entry level lawyer job, evidence of dedication to public service is helpful. That means you will probably have to close doors to certain private sector jobs like an associate position in a mid-sized or big law firm since you will be doing summer clinical externships offered by public sector employers like the AG’s office or legal defense and education funds instead of a summer associateship.

You can also take legal clinics during the regular school year for class credit as they generally service people who cannot otherwise afford legal representation. That can be a good place to pick up practical skills and network with other attorneys in public interest law. If you do enough hours in clinics and externships you will be given an Archibald Murray public service award when you graduate from law school which will help.

It also helps if you you have a good relationship with your clinic professors as many of them have connections with public sector employers including the public defenders office and legal aid.

You really have to have a thick skin, be a self motivated, and independent minded to do well in these positions. They are not for the meek or faint of heart. Other than those personality traits you need the same skills as any litigator, strong writing and oral argument skills and a strong knowledge of procedural rules, rules of evidence and of course criminal law.

Do You Have to Report Juvenile Offenses on Job Applications?

Do You Have to Report Juvenile Offenses on Job Applications?

If you have legal questions, please visit or the Law Call Website at . Follow us on twi…

When talking to a recruiter for the US military is it required you inform them of your juvenile offenses?

When talking to a recruiter for the US military is it required you inform them of your juvenile offenses?
I live in Nevada where your juvenile records are not looked at by recruiters without your consent. I am wondering, if I were to go in and speak to a recruiter about enlistment, do i have to tell the recruiter of my juvenile offenses? The recruiter told me that if they requested the records from the juvenile court they wouldn’t be able to see them if they wanted to.

By -07-06 20:27:28


Kim: You’re not, strictly speaking, required to tell your recruiter. However, if they ask, you do need to mention it before you enlist! Your recruiter isn’t the one you are required to tell, but he’s there to help–you’re going to have to bring it up anyway, and telling him is going to make it easier for you. You’ll know what to expect.